Wednesday, June 3, 2009


from IBOT":

"hi im jonathan and i ride a large black peageot conversion. it has weinmann dp 18s with blue tire in the front and a pink and black halo on the back. brown leather origin 8 seat, and reall tall bmx risers painted dark blue, clear oury grips, and a mongoose bmx stem. the bike was stolen from a party on weber st monday june 1st. the bike was built up for me being a tall dude and is hard for other people to ride.

please help.

jonathan 407 782 3470"

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nathan said...

hey ryan- yabai deland is trying to make vests like the ones of your orlando counterparts- i'm wondering how you fellers did the design and how perhaps we can make our own. if worst comes to worst we are considering taking them to special t's in downtown and having them print yabai on them in a nice arc.