Tuesday, May 26, 2009


THE BEEF IS ON THE INTERNET (and the internet isn't vegan)

Not Beef

From the OW comments section:

"The biggest misconception about this article is that this group is trying to do some good. For those of us that know these individuals we can easily say that this simply is not true and they are just misguided youth that is more interested in popularity. So you can spin the criticism just like our shabby government does or you can take the comments as their community trying to set the record straight. That is the beauty of a free democratic society right? We can all have an opinion? wink, wink..... - J.P."

Dear J.P.

It looks like we may have upset you somewhere in the course of our interactions (presumably, if you do know us). So much so, in fact, that you call talking shit on the internet the "'community' trying to set the record straight." And to make matters worse you've evidently forgotten what it means to "do good," (as your biggest example provided is to mock our beliefs, belittle our efforts at building community, and provide an unabashedly ageist analysis of our quixotic worldview [and yes, I used quixotic in a positive way]). It is with this accusation of your character, that I reverse this criticism to you.

Firstly, I don't know who you are, J.P., so if you really do know me, why don't you identify yourself? Apparently we are the type of really good friends who know eachothers' "real" intentions to get popular. This is my best shot at a composite sketch:

You disagree with our beliefs. On top of this, you assert that we are "misguided" and therefore our opinions are wrong - or in a less specific sense, that opinions are, by nature, apt to be classified based upon factuality or that a factual analysis of a political opinion can be logically made upon a basis other than real facts. (Facts: cars pollute, american society is wasteful, most first world societies are wasteful, bikes are thrown out, underused and wasted amidst an oil crisis and increasingly chokeholded capital-political relationships, bikes are a more economical transportation option than cars, etc.) J.P. I invite you: prove any one of these wrong and I'll eat my hat.

You call us "youth," so you are evidently older than us, by an unknown amount. [sarcasm] This amount aside, the mere fact that your age may be older (and that you may be more set in your lazy ways or unwilling to accept a new flavor of community activism or the lifestyle of someone else) means that your opinions are, in fact, more true. You win. [/sarcasm]

You contest the claim that we do good things. You must thing The Svcavenger Rat Weekend, which raised over $200 for a new community center/showspace never happened. Neither did Das Yuppie Scum Shopping Spree, a race that raised about $80 for Orlando Food not Bombs, as well as served as a mass statement about mass consumerism. Apparently we all don't ride bikes instead of drive or advocate through our actions and noodley appendage to the public - jitenshawayabaidesu.blogspot.com - nor through our monthly participation in Critical Mass.

Maybe you are just trying to get a "rise" out of us, or maybe just some attention. I think you just sound like a car-apologist of a residual generation of shit-talking jaded assholes. Keep yr stupid bike lane.

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