Sunday, March 1, 2009


tomorrow is gonna be awesomw. havent been to a malevolent monday in a while.  hopefully lots of people will come.  i think trent/vegantnt is going to stop by to learn a lil something about making bikes.  i think the project for the day is a mini chopper for the risk&reward//yabai potluck that is in the pipes.  im gonna try to get the day started as early as possible, so maybe we can get some supplies.  workin on a new batch of colors is something we should get workin on.  steve we need your help getting them supplies since you have the magic.  got access to some metal tubing at my friends house so hopefully ill be able to get a ride{also got some saddle chafe goin on}. 

should be a productive day and i cant freakin wait.

also i have a frame to bring over.

fromdeland//anyone with a truck// if you wanna pick me up in the truck that would be sweet
just give me a call when you get up. coffee is on me

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